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A modern 9-screen cinema theater that shows world premiers as well as old classics, festival films and movies in English.


?IMAX is an ideal choice if you like blockbusters. Perfect sound, rich image and 5-storey tall screen.

?4DX — technology with extra special effects: rocking chairs, aromas, wind, rain, and fog effects.

?CINETECH + is Planeta Kino’s own development with wide aisles, comfortable armchairs and VIP seats that fold out.

?RE’LUX is a cinema restaurant for those who like exclusive viewing experience and delicious food. Order directly to your seat, enjoy comfort and a variety of our chef-prepared delicacies.

Hours of operation

From 10 AM to the end of our last screening
Box office and popcorn bar — until the start of our last screening
Wardrobe — until 10 PM